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The World of IoT

Internet of Things is the language of the future and IoTfied is a learning hub to take you there!

Gaurav Awasthi

Explore IoT

Explore IoT

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The Idea of IoT

IOT is about enabling devices to send data, connecting devices to cloud based IoT platforms, capturing and storing data from devices, analyzing the data to draw meaningful inferences. This intelligence is visualized in various forms on dashboards and is also used to actuate devices to perform in a better way

Learning Hub

Learning Hub


Our team has spoken in multiple conferences on IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and others


Webinars are a great way to reach larger audience and sharing thoughts on cutting edge technological innovation. Lately, we have been covering various aspects of Internet of Things and its potential to change the world by solving some critical issues

Online Courses

"Fundamentals of IoT" course on Udemy

"Fundamentals of IoT" course on Skillshare 


We offer consulting services on the following:


Create Architecture Definition and Roadmap for Internet of Things platforms using AWS, Azure and Open source stacks


Provide consulting around platform selection and technology evaluation

Develop solution architecture to support Core Business Processes and Digital Transformation Programs

Build and Scale Enterprise IoT Solutions


About IoTfied

IoTfied is a collaborative space created with an objective to socialize and democratize our understanding of Internet of Things with the larger world. We recognize the power of IoT to solve some of the most pressing needs of the world today and feel the need to create this space.


Our collective expertise is in evaluating and expediting IoT implementation in enterprises seeking to become sustainable through technology adoption. We have been architecting, building and deploying highly scalable and performant IoT solutions in domains like Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Retail, Industrial IoT etc.


The idea is to enable the next generation of Technologists solve critical problems that we face in the world today and those that we are going to face in times to come.


Our vision is to offer to the organizations across the world, a wide gamut of services and solutions in IoT domain


We offer the best training programs related to Internet of Things (IOT), Embedded systems, Big Data, Industrial IoT etc.


​A team of polyglot programmers and product strategists with expertise on a multitude of technologies helps companies overcome obstacles in implementing digital innovation


An innovation ecosystem to launch and accelerate promising startups on a high growth trajectory with product strategy, development practices and go to market strategy

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